New Books

Junior maker. Junior maker.
Listen to my trumpet! : an Elephant & Piggie book Listen to my trumpet! : an Elephant & Piggie book
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
Curious George. Apple harvest Curious George. Apple harvest
Polvino, Lynne, author.
Peppa goes apple picking Peppa goes apple picking
Rusu, Meredith, author.
Apples, apples, apples! Apples, apples, apples!
Kann, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Scritch scratch scraww plop! Scritch scratch scraww plop!
Crowther, Kitty, author, illustrator.
Halloween adventures!. Halloween adventures!.
If you If you're groovy and you know it, hug a friend!
Litwin, Eric, author.
Rainbow Fish finds his way Rainbow Fish finds his way
Pfister, Marcus, author.
Not yet, zebra Not yet, zebra
Kuenzler, Lou, author.
A horse named Jack A horse named Jack
Vander Heyden, Linda, author.
A big mooncake for Little Star A big mooncake for Little Star
Lin, Grace, author, illustrator.
The thank you book The thank you book
Ray, Mary Lyn, author.
Lots of cats Lots of cats
Taylor, E. Dee, author, illustrator.
Hello, fall! Hello, fall!
Diesen, Deborah, author.
Peppa Pig and the Halloween costume. Peppa Pig and the Halloween costume.
The elephant with a knot in his trunk The elephant with a knot in his trunk
Patz, Nancy, author, illustrator.
A cat named Swan A cat named Swan
Hobbie, Holly, author, illustrator.
McToad mows Tiny Island : a transportation tale McToad mows Tiny Island : a transportation tale
Angleberger, Tom, author.
Lost in the library : a story of Patience & Fortitude Lost in the library : a story of Patience & Fortitude
Funk, Josh, author.
The day you begin The day you begin
Woodson, Jacqueline, author.
Greenling Greenling
Pinfold, Levi, author, illustrator.
King Ben and Sir Rhino King Ben and Sir Rhino
Sailer, Eric, author, illustrator.
A place for Pluto A place for Pluto
Wade, Stef, author.
Fangsgiving Fangsgiving
Long, Ethan, author, illustrator.
Good Rosie! Good Rosie!
DiCamillo, Kate, author.
A mouse so small A mouse so small
McAllister, Angela, author.
Glitter Glitter
Jones, Stella J., author.
Monster Academy Monster Academy
Yolen, Jane, author.
Richard Scarry Richard Scarry's great big air book
Scarry, Richard, author.
Kitten Construction Company : meet the house kittens Kitten Construction Company : meet the house kittens
Green, John, 1975- author, illustrator.
Pete the cat Pete the cat's groovy bake sale
Dean, James, 1957- author, illustrator.
Pinkalicious and the pirates Pinkalicious and the pirates
Kann, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Too many cats! Too many cats!
Scott, Lisa Ann, author.
The pirate pig The pirate pig
Funke, Cornelia, 1958-, author.
Ultimate showdown Ultimate showdown
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
How I survived bullies, broccoli, and Snake Hill How I survived bullies, broccoli, and Snake Hill
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Just my rotten luck Just my rotten luck
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Queen Red Riding Hood Queen Red Riding Hood's guide to royalty
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
The lightning thief The lightning thief
Riordan, Rick, author.
If polar bears disappeared If polar bears disappeared
Williams, Lily, author.
Super shark encyclopedia : and other creatures of the deep Super shark encyclopedia : and other creatures of the deep
Harvey, Derek, 1921- author.
Shadowcaster Shadowcaster
Chima, Cinda Williams, author.
The traitor The traitor's kiss
Beaty, Erin, author.
Night flights Night flights
Reeve, Philip, author.
Brave enough Brave enough
Gardner, Kati, author.
The looking glass The looking glass
McNally, Janet (Janet M.), author.
To be honest To be honest
Martin, Maggie Ann, author.
Fresh ink Fresh ink
The towering sky The towering sky
McGee, Katharine, author.
Heretics Anonymous
Henry, Katie, author.
People kill people
Hopkins, Ellen, author.
Darius the Great is not okay
Khorram, Adib, author.
The Knowing
Cameron, Sharon, 1970- author.
Daud, Somaiya, author.
Parker, Natalie C., author.
The truth lies here
Klingele, Lindsey, author.
The raging ones
Ritchie, Krista, author.
Blake, Elly, author.
Night of the zombie zookeeper
Miedoso, Andres, author.
Surf's up, creepy stuff!
Miedoso, Andres, author.
Ghosts don't ride bikes, do they?
Miedoso, Andres, author.
My encyclopedia of very important dinosaurs
An encyclopedia of strategy for fortniters : an unofficial guide for battle royal
Rich, Jason, author.
Rogers Seavey, Lura. author.
Sonneborn, Liz, author.
Clark, Geri, 1970- author.
Orr, Tamra, author.
Bjorklund, Ruth, author.
Yomtov, Nelson, author.
Smoke and mirrors
Halbrook, Kristin, author.
The girl who soared over Fairyland and cut the moon in two
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Bianco, Margery Williams, 1881-1944, author.
Waterless mountain
Armer, Laura Adams, 1874-1963, author.
The sea fairies
Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919, author.
The jumping-off place
McNeely, Marian Hurd, 1877-1930, author.
Monster mayhem
Eliopoulos, Chris, 1983- author, illustrator.
Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, part 1 : the night of the nasty nostril nuggets
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
The merchant of death
MacHale, D. J., author.
The golden tower
Black, Holly, author.
The house in Poplar Wood
Ormsbee, Katie, author.
The long-lost home
Wood, Maryrose, author.
Crowfeather's trial
Hunter, Erin, author.
The downward spiral
Pearson, Ridley, author.
Afternoon of the elves
Lisle, Janet Taylor, author.
The story collector
Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell, author.
Marcus Vega doesn't speak Spanish
Cartaya, Pablo, author.
The third mushroom
Holm, Jennifer L., author.
Whiskey in a teacup : what growing up in the South taught me about life, love, and baking biscuits
Witherspoon, Reese, 1976- author.
Colorblind : a Jesse Stone novel
Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010, author.
Time's convert : [a novel]
Harkness, Deborah E., 1965- author.
Lethal white
Galbraith, Robert, author.
The winter soldier
Mason, Daniel (Daniel Philippe), author.
Hope's journey
Worlton, Stephanie Connelley (Stephanie Ann Connelley), 1976-, author.
Leave no trace : a novel
Mejia, Mindy, author.
Not our kind : a novel
Zeldis, Kitty, author.
House of blues : a Skip Langdon novel
Smith, Julie, 1944-, author.
The glass ocean : a novel
Williams, Beatriz, author.
The queen's fool : a novel
Gregory, Philippa, author.
Adam Bede
Eliot, George, 1819-1880, author.
When the lights go out
Kubica, Mary, author.
The silence of the girls : a novel
Barker, Pat, 1943- author.
Sunrise highway
Blauner, Peter, author.
The mystery of three quarters : the new Hercule Poirot mystery
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.
Lost in time : the fourth journey through time
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
The journey through time
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Back in time : the second journey through time
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
The race against time : the third journey through time
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Backyard biology experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Understanding Asthma
Duhig, Holly. author.
Understanding autism spectrum disorder
Duhig, Holly, author.
Understanding allergies
Duhig, Holly, author.
Understanding juvenile diabetes
Duhig, Holly, author.
Aldridge, Ethan M., author, illustrator.
Dog man. Lord of the fleas
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.
Petal to the metal
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Finding Langston
Cline-Ransome, Lesa, author.
Poison is not polite : a Wells & Wong mystery
Stevens, Robin, 1988- author.
First class murder : a Wells & Wong mystery
Stevens, Robin, 1988- author.
So done
Chase, Paula, author.
The Phantom Tower
Graff, Keir, 1969- author.
The Red Fox Clan
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.
Theodore Boone : the scandal
Grisham, John, author.
The treasure of Mad Doc Magee
Teele, Elinor, author.
City of ghosts
Schwab, Victoria, author.
A frozen heart
Rudnick, Elizabeth, author.
The Bad Guys in Do-you-think-he-saurus?
Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.
The girl who fell beneath Fairyland and led the revels there
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Ivy + Bean : one big happy family
Barrows, Annie, author.
Harbor me
Woodson, Jacqueline, author.
The lost years
Rudnick, Elizabeth, author.
How are you going to save yourself
Holmes, J. M. (Jeff M.), author.
Tear me apart
Ellison, J. T., author.
Something wicked
Jackson, Lisa, author.
The fall of Gondolin
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973, author.
The cost of betrayal : three romantic suspense novellas.
The next best thing : a novel
Weiner, Jennifer, author.
Just fine with Caroline : a Cold River novel
Noblin, Annie England, author.
The perfume garden
Brown, Kate Lord, author.
The simplicity of cider
Reichert, Amy E., 1974- author.
Triple homicide : thrillers
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Refuge : a novel
Simonds, Merilyn, 1949- author.
From here to you
McGuire, Jamie, author.
Homespun bride & The Briton
French exit : a tragedy of manners
deWitt, Patrick, 1975- author.
Puppet for a corpse : [a Luke Thanet mystery]
Simpson, Dorothy, 1933-, author.
Echoes in the walls
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author.
The betrayals
Neill, Fiona, author.
Looking for Pork Chop McQuade : a novel
Campbell, Darlene Franklin, author.
Halo evolutions : essential tales of the Halo universe. Volume I.
Saul, John, author.
The first love
Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author.
In times gone by
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Brief cases : more stories from the Dresden files
Butcher, Jim, 1971- author.
Everything she didn't say
Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1946- author.
In her bones : a novel
Moretti, Kate, author.
John Woman
Mosley, Walter, author.
The man who came uptown
Pelecanos, George P., author.
Daughter of a daughter of a queen
Bird, Sarah, author.
The bucket list : a novel
Clark, Georgia, author.
Elizabeth Warren : her fight, her work, her life
Felix, Antonia, author.
12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos
Peterson, Jordan B., author.
Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.
The Tattooist of Auschwitz : a novel
Morris, Heather (Screenwriter), author.
The ghost notebooks
Dolnick, Ben, author.
The blood road
MacBride, Stuart, author.
Evil for evil : a Billy Boyle World War II mystery
Benn, James R., author.
Blood alone : a Billy Boyle World War II mystery
Benn, James R., author.
Love does : discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world
Goff, Bob, author.
Everybody always : becoming love in a world full of setbacks and difficult people
Goff, Bob, author.
Out of range
Box, C. J., author.
Crochet animal rugs : over 20 crochet patterns for fun floor mats and matching accessories
Rott, Ira, author.
Blessed be the wicked : an Abish Taylor mystery
Bartley, D. A., author.
The art of loading brush : new agrarian writings
Berry, Wendell, 1934- author.
A double life
Berry, Flynn, 1986- author.
Field of bones
Jance, Judith A., author.
The stone sky
Jemisin, N. K., author.
Depth of winter
Johnson, Craig, 1961- author.
Juror #3
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
I go potty
Bolam, Emily.
Two by two
Stauffer, Lisa Lowe, author.
I'm not ready! : a morning routine book.
Under the sleepy stars
Shaw, Stephanie.
Surprise : a book of Christmas shapes
Litton, Jonathan Author
Curious George : a Halloween boo fest
Preziosi, Alessandra, author.
The pout-pout fish Halloween faces
Diesen, Deborah, author.
Boo to you!
Ehlert, Lois, author.
Tucker digs Easter!
McGuirk, Leslie.
Five little pumpkins came back
Yaccarino, Dan, author.
Boo! : a book of spooky surprises
Litton, Jonathan, author.
The magic fox
Harrison, Paula, author.
Busy boats
Mitton, Tony, author.
McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.
The princess and the frog : the story of Tiana.
Toy Story 3
Mawhinney, Art, illustrator.
Disney Princess wishes & dreams
Mawhinney, Art, illustrator.
Prince George goes to school
Hart, Caryl, author.
The guardian of the realm : the eleventh adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
King & Kayla and the case of the mysterious mouse
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
Phoebe and her unicorn : a heavenly nostrils chronicle. 1
Simpson, Dana, 1977- artist, author.
Unicorn on a roll : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 2
Simpson, Dana, 1977- artist, author.
Unicorn vs. goblins : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 3
Simpson, Dana, 1977- artist, author.
Razzle dazzle unicorn : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 4
Simpson, Dana, 1977- artist, author.
Unicorn crossing : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 5
Simpson, Dana, 1977- author, illustrator.
Unicorn of many hats : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure. 7
Simpson, Dana, 1977- author, illustrator.
Phoebe and her unicorn in the magic storm. 6
Simpson, Dana, 1977- author, illustrator.
Boo crew
Keene, Carolyn, author.
Look at the weather
Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.
Oceanology : the true account of the voyage of the Nautilus by Zoticus de Lesseps, 1863
Hawkins, Emily, author.
Backyard botany experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Backyard physics experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Backyard meteorology experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Backyard astronomy experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Backyard chemistry experiments
Wood, Alix, author.
Minecraft : construction handbook.
What is climate change?
Herman, Gail, 1959- author.
Understanding anxiety
Duhig, Holly, author.
I want to draw horses
Crossmeister, David, author.
What happens when my parent is in jail?
Felice, Frank (Children's writer), author.
What happens at a funeral?
Crossmeister, David, author.
What happens when my parent dies?
Shofner, Melissa Raé, author.
Adventure notebook
The Baby-sitters Club. 6, Kristy's big day
Martin, Ann M., 1955- author.
Life according to Og the frog
Birney, Betty G., author.
Ernestine, catastrophe queen
Wyatt, Merrill, author.
The dollar kids
Jacobson, Jennifer, 1958- author.
Dark side of the moon
Kraatz, Jeramey, author.
Magic triumphs
Andrews, Ilona, author.
Sisters of heart and snow
Dilloway, Margaret, author.
The muse
Burton, Jessie, 1982- author.
Margaret Truman's allied in danger : a capital crimes novel
Truman, Margaret, 1924-2008.
Texas free
Dailey, Janet, author.
Second time sweeter : a blessings novel
Jenkins, Beverly, 1951- author.
The other sister
Zettel, Sarah, author.
The iceman : [a novel]
Deutermann, Peter T., 1941- author.
The air you breathe
Peebles, Frances de Pontes, author.
Ma, Ling, 1983- author.
Goodbye, Paris : a novel
Harris, Anstey author.
Dalcher, Christina author.
Benchley, Peter, author.
The swing of things
Keir, Linda, author.
Jane Doe : a novel
Stone, Victoria Helen, author.
Ellis Island : gateway of hope
Burdick, John, author.
Ethics 101 : from altruism and utilitarianism to bioethics and political ethics, an exploration of the concepts of right and wrong
Boone, Brian, author.
Scandal! : amazing tales of scandals that shocked the world and shaped modern business.
Prince : purple reign
Wall, Mick, author.
Unshakable hope : building our lives on the promises of God
Lucado, Max, author.
Chasing new horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto
Stern, Alan, 1957- author.
Painless algebra
Long, Lynette, author.
The Kentucky Wildcats fans' bucket list
Clark, Ryan, 1979-, author.
Advanced bushcraft : an expert field guide to the art of wilderness survival
Canterbury, Dave, author.
Uncommon clay : poems
Franklin-Campbell, Darlene, author.
Snapshots, hodgepodges & what-nots : the voices of three Kentucky poets.
You can't text a tough conversation : #realcommunicationneeded
Bechtle, Mike, 1952-, author.
The Civil War in 500 photographs
Gragg, Rod, author.
You are your own gym : the Bible of bodyweight exercises
Lauren, Mark, 1972- author.
President McKinley : architect of the American century
Merry, Robert W., 1946- author.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
The dark tower. Treachery
David, Peter (Peter Allen), author.
The coroner
Dornbush, Jennifer, 1971- author.
Walking shadows : a Decker/Lazarus novel
Kellerman, Faye, author.
Little comfort
Hill, Edwin (Novelist), author.
Death in the stacks : [a library lover's mystery]
McKinlay, Jenn, author.
Unnatural causes : a Dr. Katie LeClair mystery
Eastman, Dawn, author.
The shadow of what was lost
Islington, James, 1981- author.
Impostor's lure : [a Sharpe and Donovan novel]
Neggers, Carla, author.
Leverage in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
Desolation mountain
Krueger, William Kent, author.
In his father's footsteps : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Chesapeake requiem : a year with the waterman of vanishing Tangier Island
Swift, Earl, 1958- author.
Al Capone's beer wars : a complete history of organized crime in Chicago during prohibition
Binder, John J., 1956- author.
Henry Clay : the man who would be president
Klotter, James C., author.
Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress
Pinker, Steven, 1954- author.
There there
Orange, Tommy, 1982- author.
The hostess with the ghostess : a haunted guesthouse mystery
Copperman, E. J., 1957- author.
Bad neighbors : an Agnes and Effie mystery
Chance, Maia, author.
A grave issue : a funeral parlor mystery
Bell, Lillian, author.
Murder in Morningside Heights : a gaslight mystery
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.), author.
The cat of the Baskervilles : a Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery
Delany, Vicki, 1951- author.
Lethal in old lace : a consignment shop mystery
Brown, Duffy, author.
The moon man
Harris, Isabel, author.
Stanley's school
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
Snow Pony and the seven miniature ponies
Trimmer, Christian, author.
Duck and Hippo give thanks
London, Jonathan, 1947- author.
Mother Ghost : nursery rhymes for little monsters
How to be a lion
Vere, Ed, author, illustrator.
The dinosaur expert
McNamara, Margaret, author.
The rough patch
Lies, Brian, author, illustrator.
Buddy and Earl meet the neighbors
Fergus, Maureen, author.
If you take a mouse to the movies
Numeroff, Laura Joffe, author.
King & Kayla and the case of the secret code
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
King and Kayla and the case of the missing dog treats
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
King & Kayla and the case of the lost tooth
Butler, Dori Hillestad, author.
Who was Ulysses S. Grant?
Stine, Megan, author.
Penelope the foal fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
Biscuit and the big parade!
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
Hug a tree, Geronimo
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Earthquake in the early morning
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Fruit Ninja. Frenzy force
Owen, Erich, author, illustrator.
Minecraft combat handbook
Milton, Stephanie, author.
Pipsqueaks, slowpokes, and stinkers : celebrating animal underdogs
Stewart, Melissa, author.
LEGO Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu character encyclopedia
Sipi, Claire, author.
LEGO DC comics super heroes character encyclopedia
Hugo, Simon, author.
Messenger, Shannon, author.
Messenger, Shannon, author.
The moon by night
L'Engle, Madeleine, author.
Counting by 7s
Sloan, Holly Goldberg, 1958-, author.
The Land of Neverendings
Saunders, Kate, 1960- author.
Nowhere boy
Marsh, Katherine, author.
Wish upon a sleepover
Selfors, Suzanne, author.
Where the woods end
Salter, Charlotte, author.
The legend of the howling werewolf
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979, author.
The cryptid catcher
Fisher, Lija, author.
Humphrey, Anna, author.
The chronicles of Spiderwick : a grand tour of the Enchanted World, navigated by Thimbletack : based on the bestselling series by Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black.
Feared : a Rosato & DiNunzio novel
Scottoline, Lisa, author.
Moon rising
Sutherland, Tui, 1978- author.
Plants vs. zombies. Grown sweet home
Tobin, Paul, 1965- author.
Wildwood wisdom
Jaeger, Ellsworth, author.
Dead man running : an Alex McKnight novel
Hamilton, Steve, 1961- author.
Trail of lightning
Roanhorse, Rebecca, author.
Soul : a chef's culinary evolution in 150 recipes
Richards, Todd (Chef), author.
Eye for an eye
Coes, Ben, author.
Animal lessons : discovering your spiritual connection with animals
MacKinnon, Danielle, author.
Power down
Coes, Ben, author.
Digging in : [a novel]
Nyhan, Loretta, author.
The devoted : a novel
Hurley, Blair, author.
Up from freedom : a novel
Grady, Wayne, author.
The interpretation of murder : a novel
Rubenfeld, Jed, 1959-
As the tide comes in : a novel
Woodsmall, Cindy, author.
A tale of two murders
Redmond, Heather, 1969- author.
An American outlaw
Stonehouse, John, author.
American psycho : a novel
Ellis, Bret Easton, author.
The Winter's Child
Parkin, Cassandra, author.
When day breaks
Banks, Maya, author.
Darkest before dawn
Banks, Maya, author.
Swift vengeance : a novel
Parker, T. Jefferson, author.
Rush : a novel
Patton, Lisa, author.
The mummers' curse : an Amanda Pepper mystery
Roberts, Gillian, 1939-, author.
Custer : the making of a young general
Longacre, Edward G., 1946- author.
Grace and power : the private world of the Kennedy White House
Smith, Sally Bedell, 1948-, author.
Marilyn Monroe : the private life of a public icon
Casillo, Charles, author.
Tragedy plus time : a tragi-comic memoir
Cayton-Holland, Adam, author.
Small animals : parenthood in the age of fear
Brooks, Kim (Author and essayist), author.
America : the farewell tour
Hedges, Chris, author.
The Beatles yellow submarine
Morrison, Bill, 1959- author, illustrator.
The book of books
Allen, Jessica, author.
Antiques roadshow : 40 years of great finds
Atterbury, Paul, author.
Guerrilla kindness & other acts of creative resistance : making a better world through craftivism
Lothian, Sayraphim, author.
Race to Hawaii : the 1927 Dole Air Derby and the thrilling first flights that opened the Pacific
Ryan, Jason (Journalist), author.
Discover the extreme world
Foundryside : a novel
Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984- author.
Bone on bone : [a novel]
Keller, Julia, author.
When life gives you Lululemons : a novel
Weisberger, Lauren, 1977- author.
The man who couldn't miss : a Stewart Hoag mystery
Handler, David, 1952- author.
Plum, Amy, author.
I am still alive
Marshall, Kate Alice, author.
The astonishing color of after
Pan, Emily X. R., author.
McNeil, Gretchen, author.
Dream fall
Plum, Amy, author.
The girl you thought I was
Phillips, Rebecca, 1975- author.
The summer of Jordi Perez (and the best burger in Los Angeles)
Spalding, Amy, author.
Minecraft : the crash
Baptiste, Tracey, author.
And she was
Verdi, Jessica, author.
Dance of thieves
Pearson, Mary (Mary E.), author.
Tempests and slaughter : a Tortall legend
Pierce, Tamora, author.
Let me list the ways
White, Sarah (Sarah L.), author.
The fire queen
King, Emily R., author.
Star-touched stories
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
Running with lions
Winters, Julian, author.
Colfer, Eoin, author.
Spectacle. Book one
Gedris, Megan Rose, 1986- author, illustrator.
Delilah Dirk and the pillars of Hercules
Cliff, Tony (Comic book author), author, artist.
DeadEndia : the watcher's test
Steele, Hamish, author, illustrator.
Archival quality
Weir, Ivy Noelle, author.
Naomi and Ely's no kiss list : a novel
Cohn, Rachel, author.
Dungeon master's guide.
Player's handbook.
The raiders : a novel
Robbins, Harold, 1916-1997, author.
Kentucky women remembered : biographical sketches of women who have contributed to Kentucky history
Reader, come home : the reading brain in a digital world
Wolf, Maryanne, author.
The Warburgs : the twentieth-century odyssey of a remarkable Jewish family
Chernow, Ron, author.
The actual one : how I tried, and failed, to avoid adulthood forever
Suttie, Isy, 1978- author.
Obama : an oral history 2009-2017
Abrams, Brian (Journalist), author.
Berg, Elizabeth, 1953- author.
Whyte, Mariam, author.
O'Shea, Maria, author.
Czech Republic
Sioras, Efstathia, author.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Heale, Jay, author.
Jermyn, Leslie, author.
Wolf Kahn pastels
Kahn, Wolf, 1927-, author.
Atlas of empires : the world's greatest powers from ancient times to today
Davidson, Peter (Peter Bruce), 1963- author.
The Bali cookbook
Gerungan, Lonny, author.
Popular Thai cuisine : 111 authentic and reliable recipes.
The reservoir tapes
McGregor, Jon, 1976- author.
Summer on the river
Willett, Marcia, author.
The desert and the sea : 977 days captive on the Somali pirate coast
Moore, Michael Scott, author.
Toucan keep a secret
Andrews, Donna, author.
Last looks : a novel
Gould, Howard Michael, author.
Bindi : a novel
Maisano, Paul Matthew, author.
The distance home : a novel
Saunders, Paula, 1957- author.
Bad man : a novel
Auerbach, Dathan Kahn, 1984- author.
Becoming Belle
O'Connor, Nuala, 1970- author.
Sweet little lies : a novel
Frear, Caz, author.
The drama teacher : a novel
Zailckas, Koren, author.
The sapphire widow : a novel
Jefferies, Dinah, 1948- author.
The breakers
Muller, Marcia, author.
Under a dark sky : a novel
Rader-Day, Lori, 1973- author.
A river of stars : a novel
Hua, Vanessa, author.
Let me be like water
Perry, S. K., author.
I didn't talk
Bracher, Beatriz, author.
Yours until dawn
Medeiros, Teresa, 1962-, author.
The raven and the rose
Henley, Virginia, author.
Hedge hog!
Anstee, Ashlyn, author, illustrator.
The secret life of squirrels : back to school!
Rose, Nancy (Nancy Patricia), 1954- author, illustrator.
Hello school!
Burris, Priscilla, author, illustrator.
There was an old giant who swallowed a clock
Davies, Becky, author.
Pet this book
Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.
Ready for pumpkins
Duke, Kate, author.
Take a hike, Miles and Spike!
Foster, Travis, author, illustrator.
A dog named Doug
Wilson, Karma, author.
A werewolf named Oliver James
Frith, Nicholas John, author, illustrator.
What the ladybug heard next
Donaldson, Julia, author.
Someone new
O'Brien, Anne Sibley, author, illustrator.
Monster & Mouse go camping
Underwood, Deborah, author.
Cummins, Lucy Ruth, author, illustrator.
The greedy goat
Horáček, Petr, author, illustrator.
Bear's scare
Grant, Jacob, 1984- author, illustrator.
Parker, Aura, author, illustrator.
Ready or not, Woolbur goes to school
Helakoski, Leslie, author.
Lena's shoes are nervous : a first-day-of-school dilemma
Calabrese, Keith, author.
New shoes
Raschka, Christopher, author, illustrator.
Sweet success
Reed, Liz, author, illustrator.
Are you scared, Darth Vader?
Rex, Adam, author, illustrator.
Best friends forever
Hart, Owen, author.
Look out! It's a dragon!
Lambert, Jonny, author, illustrator.
The worry box
Chiew, Suzanne, author.
Something smells!
Hellman, Blake Liliane, author.
I give you the world
McCleary, Stacey, author.
With your paw in mine
Chapman, Jane, 1970- author, illustrator.
Skelly's Halloween
Martin, David, 1944- author.
Letter town : [a seek-and-find alphabet adventure]
Farrell, Darren, author, illustrator.
All are welcome
Penfold, Alexandra, author.
Click, clack, quack to school!
Cronin, Doreen, author.
It's your first day of school, Busy Bus!
Shaffer, Jody Jensen, author.
Mermaid School
Wetzel, JoAnne, author.
Fairy's first day of school
Heos, Bridget, author.
The bear in my bed
Wan, Joyce, author, illustrator.
The Turtle Ship
Rhee, Helena Ku, author.
Isadora Moon goes to school
Muncaster, Harriet, author, illustrator.
Isadora Moon goes camping
Muncaster, Harriet, author, illustrator.
Isadora Moon goes to the ballet
Muncaster, Harriet, author, illustrator.
Isadora Moon has a birthday
Muncaster, Harriet, author, illustrator.
Just as long as we're together
Blume, Judy, author.
Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life
Mass, Wendy, 1967-, author.
Mr. Monkey bakes a cake
Mack, Jeff, author, illustrator.
Game changers : the story of Venus and Serena Williams
Cline-Ransome, Lesa, author.
Woodpeckers : drilling holes and bagging bugs
Collard, Sneed B., author, photographer.
Dash & Lily's book of dares
Cohn, Rachel, author.
The warrior queen
King, Emily R., author.
The rogue queen
King, Emily R., author.
These rebel waves
Raasch, Sara, author.
The last best story
Lehrman, Maggie, 1982- author.
Finding Yvonne
Colbert, Brandy, author.
Game of secrets
Foster, Kimberley, 1972- author.
The other side of lost
Kirby, Jessi, author.
Kaufman, Amie, author.
Legrand, Claire, 1986- author.
Pieces of her : a novel
Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author.
Voice of the deaf : a biography of Edward Miner Gallaudet
Boatner, Maxine Tull, author.
Lion of the forest : James B. Finley, frontier reformer
Cole, Charles Chester, author.
Attracted to fire
Mills, DiAnn, author.
From here to home
Bostwick, Marie, author.
The disappearances
Murphy, Emily Bain, author.
The art of escaping
Callahan, Erin, author.
The last summer of the Garrett girls
Spotswood, Jessica, author.
How to make a wish
Blake, Ashley Herring, author.
What you left me
Morrissey, Bridget, author.
Ballad for a mad girl
Wakefield, Vikki, author.
The emerald sea
Mead, Richelle, author.
Leah on the offbeat
Albertalli, Becky, author.
The Harper effect
Bashford, Taryn, author.
The Traitor's Ruin
Beaty, Erin, author.
Save the date
Matson, Morgan, author.
Fugitive six
Lore, Pittacus, author.
Invisible ghosts
Schneider, Robyn, author.
Midnight jewel
Mead, Richelle, author.
Ius, Dawn, author.
If only
Gilmore, Jennifer, author.
Sometime after midnight
Philips, L., author.
Bright we burn
White, Kiersten, author.
All that I can fix
Chan, Crystal, author.
The fragile ordinary
Young, Samantha, author.
I have the right to : a high school survivor's story of sexual assault, justice, and hope
Prout, Chessy, author.
Letting go of gravity
Leder, Meg, 1974- author.
Out of the blue
Cameron, Sophie (Novelist), author.
Spill zone
Westerfeld, Scott, author.
Dear Rachel Maddow : a novel
Kisner, Adrienne, author.
A court of frost and starlight
Maas, Sarah J., author.
Heart of thorns
Barton, Bree, author.
The cheerleaders
Thomas, Kara, 1990- author.
Sea witch
Henning, Sarah, author.
Beast : a tale of love and revenge
Jensen, Lisa, 1952- author.
Notes from my captivity
Parks, Kathy (Kathleen D.), author.
My plain Jane
Hand, Cynthia, 1978- author.
The brink of darkness
Giles, Jeff, author.
A flicker in the clarity
McNamara, Amy, author.
Driving by starlight
Deracine, Anat, author.
Kissing games
Eglington, Tara, author.
The cost of living : a working autobiography
Levy, Deborah, author.
Tesla : inventor of the modern
Munson, Richard, author.
You're on an airplane : a self-mythologizing memoir
Posey, Parker, 1968- author.
I hate everyone, except you
Kelly, Clinton, author.
St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Danvile, Kentucky.
St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Danvile, Kentucky.
Last-minute kitchen secrets : 128 ingenious tips to survive lumpy gravy, wilted lettuce, crumbling cake, and other cooking disasters
Green, Joey, author.
What truth sounds like : Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and our unfinished conversation about race in America
Dyson, Michael Eric, author.
Buzz : the nature and necessity of bees
Hanson, Thor, author.
The death of truth : notes on falsehood in the age of Trump
Kakutani, Michiko, author.
At least know this : essential science to enhance your life
Harrison, Guy P., author.
Best home baking : irresistible recipes from America's Blue Ribbon bakers
Bannister, Polly, author.
Little foods of the Mediterranean : 500 fabulous recipes for antipasti, tapas, hors d'oeuvre, meze, and more
Wright, Clifford A., author.
Puff pastry perfection : more than 175 recipes for appetizers, entrées, and sweets made with frozen puff pastry dough
Saulsbury, Camilla V., 1970-, author.
Rome : a history in seven sackings
Kneale, Matthew, 1960- author.
Fly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history
O'Brien, Keith, 1973- author.
A future of faith : the path of change in politics and society
Francis, Pope, 1936- interviewee.
Reinforcements : how to get people to help you
Halvorson, Heidi Grant-, 1973- author.
The weather detective : rediscovering nature's secret signs
Wohlleben, Peter, 1964- author.
I find your lack of faith disturbing : Star Wars and the triumph of geek culture
Jameson, A. D., 1976- author.
Okay fine whatever : the year I went from being afraid of everything to only being afraid of most things
Hameister, Courtenay, author.
How to fix anything : essential home repairs anyone can do.
Strange stars : David Bowie, pop music, and the decade sci-fi exploded
Heller, Jason, author.
Odd girl out : my extraordinary autistic life
James, Laura E., author.
Crystal lies : a novel
Carlson, Melody, author.
Divine Right's trip : a novel of the counterculture
Norman, Gurney, 1937-, author.
Good luck with that
Higgins, Kristan, author.
Small, Bertrice, author.
The summer wives
Williams, Beatriz, author.
We're all damaged
Norman, Matthew, author.
The mercy seat : a novel
Winthrop, Elizabeth Hartley, 1979- author.
The handmaid's tale
Atwood, Margaret, 1939-, author.
Hamilton, Laurell K., author.
The masterpiece : a novel
Davis, Fiona, 1966- author.
Kearsley, Susanna, 1966- author.
A day like any other : the great Hamptons hurricane of 1938 : a novel
Chipps, Genie, author.
America for beginners
Franqui, Leah, author.
Game of the gods
Schiffman, Jay, author.
The night visitor
Atkins, Lucy, author.
Our little secret : [a novel]
Nay, Roz, author.
America is not the heart
Castillo, Elaine, author.
How to handle a cowboy
Kennedy, Joanne, author.
The queens of Innis Lear
Gratton, Tessa, author.
Where the crawdads sing
Owens, Delia, author.
Something in the water : a novel
Steadman, Catherine, author.
The mere wife
Headley, Maria Dahvana, 1977- author.
The quiet side of passion
McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author.
How schools work : an inside account of failure and success from one of the nation's longest-serving secretaries of education
Duncan, Arne, author.
Rust & stardust
Greenwood, T. (Tammy), author.
Chariot on the mountain
Ford, Jack, 1950- author.
Fruit of the drunken tree : a novel
Rojas Contreras, Ingrid, author.
Meet me here
Bliss, Bryan, author.
The last refuge : [a Dewey Andreas novel]
Coes, Ben, author.
Word of mouse
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Natalia takes the lead
Hutton, Clare, author.
I spy Fly Guy!
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Fly Guy's amazing tricks
Arnold, Tedd, author, illustrator.
Mad Max : Fury Road
Lathouris, Nico, author.
Four funerals and maybe a wedding : [a Royal Spyness mystery]
Bowen, Rhys, author.
The shortest way home : a novel
Parker, Miriam (Miriam Rebecca), author.
If I live
Blackstock, Terri, 1957- author.
The third hotel
Van den Berg, Laura, author.
Disney's beauty and the beast
Singer, A. L., author.
5-minute fairy tales
Hurricane heroes in Texas
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Zoe is on the air
Hutton, Clare, author.
Ellie steps up to the plate
Barkley, Callie, author.
The lost lullaby
Segel, Jason, 1980- author.
The griffin's feather
Funke, Cornelia, 1958- author, illustrator.
Spell & spindle
Schusterman, Michelle, author.
Artemis Fowl : the graphic novel
Colfer, Eoin, author.
Princess Princess ever after
O'Neill, Katie (Cartoonist), artist, author.
I can't take it!
Peirce, Lincoln, author, illustrator.
What happened at midnight
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
The cat stole my pants
Pastis, Stephan, author, illustrator.
The principal strikes back
Krosoczka, Jarrett, author, artist.
Everything you need to know about Nightmares! and how to defeat them
Segel, Jason, 1980- author.
Binns, Barbara, author.
Making friends
Gudsnuk, Kristen, author, artist.
Texas : a nonfiction companion to Magic Tree House #30: Hurricane heroes in Texas
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
The darkest minds
Bracken, Alexandra, author.
Never fade
Bracken, Alexandra, author.
Waller, Jae, author.
Grace and fury
Banghart, Tracy E., author.
Bowman, Erin, author.
Always forever maybe
Rissi, Anica Mrose, author.
City of bastards
Shvarts, Andrew, author.
The bird and the blade
Bannen, Megan, author.
I'm not missing
Fountain, Carrie, author.
The ruinous sweep
Wynne-Jones, Tim, author.
Royal bastards
Shvarts, Andrew, author.
Mariam Sharma hits the road
Karim, Sheba, author.
Saints and misfits : a novel
Ali, S. K., author.
The place between breaths
An, Na, 1972- author.
Brandes, Nadine, 1986- author.
Black Panther : the complete collection. Volume 1
Priest, Christopher J. (Christopher James), 1961- author.
Justice League. Volume 1, Origin
Johns, Geoff, 1973-, author.
Black widow
Iron Man. The secret origin of Tony Stark, Book 2. [Vol. 3]
Gillen, Kiero, author.
Ironman : the secret origin of Tony Stark. Book 1
Gillen, Kieron, author.
Ultimate comics. Spider-Man, [Vol. 2]
Bendis, Brian Michael, author.
Thor. [vol. 2]
Straczynski, J. Michael, 1954-, author.