New Books

Earl Scruggs and Foggy mountain breakdown : the making of an American classic Earl Scruggs and Foggy mountain breakdown : the making of an American classic
Goldsmith, Thomas, 1952- author.
The menopause manifesto : own your health with facts and feminism The menopause manifesto : own your health with facts and feminism
Gunter, Jen, author.
The index card : why personal finance doesn The index card : why personal finance doesn't have to be complicated
Olen, Helaine, author.
Enemy at the gates : a Mitch Rapp novel Enemy at the gates : a Mitch Rapp novel
Flynn, Vince, 1966-2013, creator.
Apples never fall : a novel Apples never fall : a novel
Moriarty, Liane, author.
The Beatryce prophecy The Beatryce prophecy
DiCamillo, Kate, author.
The 100. Rebellion The 100. Rebellion
Morgan, Kass, author.
Light from uncommon stars Light from uncommon stars
Aoki, Ryka, author.
You You're my little pumpkin pie
Edwards, Nicola, author.
The big book of American presidents : fascinating facts and true stories about U.S. Presidents and their families The big book of American presidents : fascinating facts and true stories about U.S. Presidents and their families
Hajeski, Nancy J., 1951- author.
Rabbit hole Rabbit hole
Billingham, Mark, author.
We are the Brennans We are the Brennans
Lange, Tracey, author.
The other passenger : a novel The other passenger : a novel
Candlish, Louise, author.
The Kindred Spirits Supper Club The Kindred Spirits Supper Club
Reichert, Amy E., 1974- author.
Frederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history Frederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-2014, author.
The life of Louis Pasteur The life of Louis Pasteur
Muñoz, Isabel, author, illustrator.
Ember rising Ember rising
Smith, S. D. (Sam Smith), author.
Ember Ember's end
Smith, S. D. (Sam Smith), author.
Cloud cuckoo land : a novel Cloud cuckoo land : a novel
Doerr, Anthony, 1973- author.
Lightning strike : a novel Lightning strike : a novel
Krueger, William Kent, author.
A place to hang the moon A place to hang the moon
Albus, Kate, author.
Pugs and kisses Pugs and kisses
Howard, J. J. (Jennifer Jane), 1972- author.
We We're going on a pumpkin hunt
Hawk, Goldie, author.
Peppa Pig : little first look and find Peppa Pig : little first look and find
Brooke, Susan Rich, adapter.
Portraits and dreams : photographs and stories by children of the Appalachians, 1976-1982, 2009-2018 Portraits and dreams : photographs and stories by children of the Appalachians, 1976-1982, 2009-2018
Billy Summers : a novel Billy Summers : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
The arbornaut : a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us The arbornaut : a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us
Lowman, Margaret, author.
Stone Stone's throw : a Jesse Stone novel
Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010, creator.
Not a happy family Not a happy family
Lapeña, Shari, 1960- author.
Murder in the cookbook nook : [a book retreat mystery] Murder in the cookbook nook : [a book retreat mystery]
Adams, Ellery, author.
Travels with George : in search of Washington and his legacy Travels with George : in search of Washington and his legacy
Philbrick, Nathaniel, author.
A life of my own A life of my own
Tomalin, Claire, author.
The hidden palace The hidden palace
Wecker, Helene, author.
False witness False witness
Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author.
Unthinkable Unthinkable
Parks, Brad, 1974- author.
How sweet it is How sweet it is
Newton, Dylan, author.
Never saw me coming Never saw me coming
Kurian, Vera, author.
The guilt trip The guilt trip
Jones, Sandie, author.
The devil you know The devil you know
Johnstone, William W., author.
Matrix Matrix
Groff, Lauren, author.
The living and the lost The living and the lost
Feldman, Ellen, 1941- author.
Rock paper scissors Rock paper scissors
Feeney, Alice, author.
Ramadan Ramsey : a novel Ramadan Ramsey : a novel
Edwards, Louis, 1962- author.
The missing hours The missing hours
Dahl, Julia, 1977- author.
Through the wall Through the wall
Corcoran, Caroline. author.
The heron The heron's cry
Cleeves, Ann, author.
Beyond all dreams Beyond all dreams
Camden, Elizabeth, 1965- author.
The personal librarian The personal librarian
Benedict, Marie, author.
The Secret Explorers and the lost whales The Secret Explorers and the lost whales
King, SJ, author.
The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic rescue The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic rescue
King, SJ, author.
Henry Heckelbeck, dinosaur hunter
Coven, Wanda, author.
Rosa : my first Rosa Parks
Kaiser, Lisbeth, author.
Can you guess? animals with the very hungry caterpillar?
Carle, Eric, author, illustrator.
Whose ears?
Tarsky, Sue, author.
Whose nose?
Tarsky, Sue, author.
I love you as big as Kentucky
Rossner, Rose, author.
Smith, Wilbur A.
My first ABCs
Lomp, Stephan, author, artist.
We love Christmas! : a merry book of colors
Hegarty, Patricia, author.
A little book about winter
Lionni, Leo, 1910-1999, illustrator.
What brothers do best
Numeroff, Laura Joffe, author.
All I want for Christmas is ewe
Rossner, Rose, author.
Forgotten in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
Before I saw you
Houghton, Emily, 1991- author.
The man who died twice
Osman, Richard, 1970- author.
Gifting fire
Boyden, Alina, author.
The unbroken
Clark, C. L. (Cherae L.), author.
The fallen
Hoffmann, Ada, author.
1, 2, boo! : a spooky counting book
Howard, Paul, 1967- author, illustrator.
Tiny T. Rex and the tricks of treating
Stutzman, Jonathan, author.
Gilbert the ghost
Genechten, Guido van, artist.
Ten little jack-o-lanterns : a counting storybook
Dunn, Robert (Children's book illustrator) illustrator.
Say it out loud
Varnes, Allison, author.
Born behind bars
Venkatraman, Padma, author.
Pahua and the soul stealer
Lee, Lori M., author.
Eleanor Amplified and the trouble with mind control
Sheehan, John, 1981- author.
Valenti, Karla, author.
Applegate, Katherine, author.
Partly cloudy
Davis, Tanita S., author.
Barefoot dreams of Petra Luna
Dobbs, Alda P., author.
Labelle, Sophie, 1988- author.
What about Will
Hopkins, Ellen, author.
The last kids on Earth and the doomsday race
Brallier, Max, author.
Obie is man enough
Bailar, Schuyler, author.
The Midnight Brigade
Borba, Adam, author.
We are family
James, LeBron, author.
Danny Chung sums it up
Chan, Maisie, author.
Yusuf Azeem is not a hero
Faruqi, Saadia, author.
How to be brave
Johnson, Daisy May, author.
A soft place to land
Marks, Janae, author.
Playing a dangerous game
Ochieng, Patrick, author.
Pax, journey home
Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.
Red wolf
Vincent, Rachel, author.
They'll never catch us
Goodman, Jessica, 1990- author.
American Sign Language for kids : 101 easy signs for nonverbal communication
Barlow, Rochelle, author.
Big Nate : say good-bye to Dork City
Peirce, Lincoln, author, illustrator.
The Chocolate touch
Catling, Patrick Skene, author.
Sif and the dwarfs' treasures
Holub, Joan, author.
Matthew Harris Jouett (1788-1827) : his life & work
Pennington, Estill Curtis, author.
Eye of the needle
Follett, Ken, author.
The Pillars of the earth
Follett, Ken, author.
The memory of love
Forna, Aminatta, author.
A terrible fall of angels
Hamilton, Laurell K., author.
Where the light enters
Donati, Sara, 1956- author.
The fabulous Zed Watson!
Sylvester, Basil, author.
The many meanings of Meilan
Wang, Andrea, author.
Only if you dare : 13 stories of darkness and doom
Allen, Josh, author.
Out for blood
Banks, Steven, 1954- author.
Scary stories for young foxes : the City
Heidicker, Christian McKay, author.
World champions! : a Max Einstein adventure
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Down to earth
Culley, Betty, author.
Farah rocks summer break
Darraj, Susan Muaddi, author.
Carry me home
Fox, Janet S., author.
Spy school at sea : a spy school novel
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
The plentiful darkness
Kassner, Heather, author.
White, J. A., author.
The smashed man of Dread End
Ocker, J. W., author.
The Hiddenseek
Cernosek, Nate, author.
Pavi Sharma's guide to going home
Farr, Bridget, author.
Just be cool, Jenna Sakai
Florence, Debbi Michiko, author.
Lily's promise
Erskine, Kathryn, author.
The Lost Things Club
Puller, J. S., author.
Tips for magicians
Rimington, Celesta, author.
Hide and don't seek : and other very scary stories
Rissi, Anica Mrose, author.
Fast pitch
Stone, Nic, author.
Color me floral : stunning monochromatic arrangements for every season
Underwood, Kiana, author.
The first wife's secret
Amarti, Claire, author.
Moll Flanders
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731, author.
The patron saint of unmarried women
Ackerman, Karl, 1955-, author
Once upon a spine : a bibliophile mystery
Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author.
Ripped from the pages : a bibliophile mystery
Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author.
The silver blonde
Ross, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Anne), author.
Flash fire
Klune, TJ, author.
The Polar Express
Van Allsburg, Chris, author, illustrator.
The true night before Easter
Penland, Timothy, author.
How to attract birds to your garden
Rouse, Dan, author.
National Geographic backyard guide to the birds of North America
Alderfer, Jonathan K., author.
Super hero hiccups
Behling, Steve, author.
Stranger planet
Pyle, Nathan W., author, illustrator.
One nation : America remembers September 11, 2001.
Rebuild your bones : the 12-week osteoporosis protocol
Calton, Mira, author.
Simply 5 : 120 brilliantly flavored dishes with 5 ingredients or less.
André Michaux in North America : journals & letters, 1785-1797
Michaux, André, 1746-1802, author.
501 Spanish verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses and moods in a new easy-to-learn format, alphabetically arranged
Kendris, Christopher, author.
Strongmen : Mussolini to the present
Ben-Ghiat, Ruth, author.
The color of compromise : the truth about the American church's complicity in racism
Tisby, Jemar, author.
The last things we talk about : your guide to end of life transitions
Boatwright, Elizabeth, author.
Blue Shirts
Crisp, Michael, author.
Favorite sons of Civil War Kentucky
Bush, Bryan S., 1966- author.
A light in Zion
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-, author.
The prisoner of heaven : a novel
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos, 1964-2020, author.
The half brother : a novel
LeCraw, Holly, author.
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-, author.
Ide, Joe, author.
Funeral for a friend : [a Jonathan Stride novel]
Freeman, Brian, 1963- author.
The concrete blonde
Connelly, Michael, 1956- author.
We were never here : a novel
Bartz, Andrea, author.
Annie's song
Anderson, Catherine, author.
City of miracles : a novel
Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984- author.
City of stairs : a novel
Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984- author.
Amiot, Romain, author.
Unforgotten : the wild life of Dian Fossey and her relentless quest to save mountain gorillas
Silvey, Anita, author.
Annie Lumsden, the girl from the sea
Almond, David, 1951- author.
Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears : a West African tale
Aardema, Verna, author.
Listen up! : train song
Allenby, Victoria, 1989- author.
I don't want to be small
Anderson, Laura Ellen, author, illustrator.
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Barrett, Judi, author.
Arthur's Halloween
Brown, Marc Tolon, author, illustrator.
Choo choo : the story of a little engine who ran away
Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968, author, illustrator.
The little house
Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968, author, illustrator.
Crews, Donald, author, illustrator.
Be kind, be brave, be you!
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000, creator.
The Secret Explorers and the smoking volcano
King, SJ, author.
The Secret Explorers and the rainforest rangers
King, SJ, author.
I spy a dinosaur's eye : riddles
Marzollo, Jean, author.
The madness of crowds
Penny, Louise, author.
Jade city
Lee, Fonda, author.
Jade war
Lee, Fonda, author.
The cat who saw red : [a Jim Qwilleran feline whodunnut]
Braun, Lilian Jackson, author.
The Gordian protocol
Weber, David, 1952- author.
Into the light
Weber, David, 1952- author.
Ice and stone : [a Sharon McCone mystery]
Muller, Marcia, author.
Murder most fowl : a Meg Langslow mystery
Andrews, Donna, author.
Miss communication
Holm, Jennifer L., author.
Starforce on the rise
Behling, Steve, author.
Leopardstar's honor
Hunter, Erin, author.
Brian's Hunt
Paulsen, Gary, author.
Woodson, Jacqueline, author.
The worry (less) book : feel strong, find calm, and tame your anxiety!
Brian, Rachel, 1971- author, illustrator.
The presidents visual encyclopedia
Parker, Philip, 1965- author.
Tulsa Race Riots and the Red Summer of 1919
Winn, Kevin P., author.
The eruption of Mount St. Helens
Adamson, Thomas K., 1970- author.
Volcano : where fire and water meet
Cerullo, Mary M., author.
The cookout
Doucet, Rashad, author, illustrator.
Eighth grade witch
Gaska, Andrew E. C., author.
The Wishing spell
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
The mystery of the Aztec warrior
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
Jo's boys
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888, author.
Good wives
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888, author.
Like other girls
Lundin, Britta, author.
The dire days of Willowweep manor
Garrity, Shaenon K., author.
You and me and the space between
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds, author.
Brown boy nowhere : a novel
Lim, S. Briones, 1983- author.
Bad witch burning
Lewis, Jessica, 1994- author.
A lesson in vengeance
Lee, Victoria author.
Dangerous play
Kress, Emma, author.
Devil in the device
Johnson, Lora Beth, author.
Eyes of the forest
Henry, April, author.
Ifueko, Jordan, author.
Garber, Romina, author.
The dead and the dark
Gould, Courtney, author.
The devil makes three
Bovalino, Tori, author.
Vampires, hearts, & other dead things
Fuston, Margie, author.
Phantom heart
Creagh, Kelly, author.
Becker, Elayne Audrey, author.
Quincred!ble. [Vol. 2], The hero within
Barnes, Rodney (Producer), author.
Rainbow Bridge
Orlando, Steve (Comic book writer), author.
Cheer up! : love and pompoms
Frasier, Crystal, author.
The burning : Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921
Beard, Hilary, author.
From a whisper to a rallying cry : the killing of Vincent Chin and the trial that galvanized the Asian American movement
Yoo, Paula, author.
Naruto. vol. 3, Bridge of courage
Kishimoto, Masashi, 1974- author, illustrator.
Alone in space : a collection
Walden, Tillie, 1996- author, illustrator.
Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons
Houser, Jody, author.
How Moon Fuentez fell in love with the universe
Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel, author.
How we fall apart
Zhao, Katie, author.
Both sides now
Thomas, Peyton, author.
The endless skies
Price, Shannon, author.
Violet ghosts
Thomas, Leah, 1989- author.
The witch haven
Peyton Smith, Sasha, author.
The woods are always watching : a novel
Perkins, Stephanie, author.
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Blue flag. 7
Kaito (Manga artist), author, artist.
Anger is a gift
Oshiro, Mark, author.
The legend of Zelda. Twilight princess, 7
Himekawa, Akira, author, artist.
The legend of Zelda. Twilight princess. 8
Himekawa, Akira, author, artist.
Elon Musk : a mission to save the world
Redding, Anna Crowley, author.
The bitter taste of murder
Trinchieri, Camilla, author.
Space jam. a new legacy
Cohen, Ivan, author.
Michelle Obama
Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel (María Isabel), author.
Anne Frank
Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel (María Isabel), author.
Monster truck superstars
Petty, William. author.
Myers, Maya, author.
Jacky Ha-Ha : my life is a joke : a graphic novel
Rau, Adam, author.
Big Hero 6
An, Hong Gyun, author, artist.
Clarke, Barry, author.
Big cats
Simon, Seymour, author.
All about allergies
Potts, Francesca, 1986- author.
Stars of women's soccer
Illugi Jökulsson, author.
We are still here! : Native American truths everyone should know
Sorell, Traci, author.
Stolen science : thirteen untold stories of scientists and inventors almost written out of history
Schwartz, Ella, 1974- author.
The Casagrandes. #1, We're all familia
Jonna and the unpossible monsters. 1
Samnee, Chris, author, artist.
Let's learn Japanese : first words for everyone
Cacciapuoti, Aurora, author.
100 endangered species
Hudson, Rachel, 1973- author.
Complications : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Black butler. Vol. 5
Toboso, Yana, 1984-, author.
Another kind of Eden
Burke, James Lee, 1936- author.
The walking drum
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988, author.
This will all be over soon : a memoir
Strong, Cecily, 1984- author.
Kentucky, Sweet & Savory : finding the Artisan Foods and Beverages of the Bluegrass state
Reigler, Susan, author.
Heat of the lava dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Fortress of the Stone Dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Henry gets in shape
Quackenbush, Robert, 1929-2021, author, illustrator.
The lost little bird
McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.
Little Bat in night school
Lies, Brian, author, illustrator.
Fright School
Lawler, Janet, author.
Donut worry
Jones, Christianne C., author.
The good, the bad, and the spooky
John, Jory, author.
The leaf thief
Hemming, Alice, author.
Trick or treat, bugs to eat
Gold, Tracy C., author.
Gyo Fujikawa's A to Z picture book
Fujikawa, Gyo, author.
A pocket for Corduroy
Freeman, Don, 1908-1978, author, illustrator.
The new kid has fleas
Dyckman, Ame, author.
Beach toys vs. school supplies
Ciccotello, Mike, author, illustrator.
Chrustowski, Rick, author, illustrator.
The mixed-up chameleon
Carle, Eric, author, illustrator.
My apron : a story from my childhood
Carle, Eric. author, illustrator.
ABC, I like me!
Carlson, Nancy L., author
My friend Ben won't share
Beyl, Charles, author, illustrator.
Trick or treat, Crankenstein
Berger, Samantha, author.
The Berenstain Bears and the homework hassle
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
The Berenstain Bears forget their manners
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author, illustrator.
The Berenstain Bears and the bully
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005, author.
Baby Shark 5-minute stories
West, Alexandra, author.
Sunny days
Kerbel, Deborah, author.
September 11 : the 9/11 story, aftermath and legacy
Never say you can't survive
Anders, Charlie Jane, author.
The complete joy of home brewing
Papazian, Charlie, author.
The Italian baker : the classic tastes of the Italian countryside--its breads, pizza, focaccia, cakes, pastries, and cookies
Field, Carol, author.
How to grill vegetables : the new bible for barbecuing vegetables over live fire
Raichlen, Steven, author.
Crusoe, the worldly wiener dog : further adventures with the celebrity dachshund
Beauchesne, Ryan, author.
Crusoe, the celebrity dachshund : adventures of the wiener dog extraordinaire
Beauchesne, Ryan, author.
You are your own gym : the bible of bodyweight exercises
Lauren, Mark, 1972- author.
Federal benefits for veterans, dependents, and survivors
Every minute is a day : a doctor, an emergency room, and a city under siege
Meyer, Robert (Robert H.), author.
War letters : extraordinary correspondence from American wars
Winning the war in your mind : change your thinking, change your life
Groeschel, Craig, author.
Together is all we need
Phillips, Michael R., 1946-, author
So we meet again : a novel
Park, Suzanne, author.
If the shoe fits : a meant to be novel
Murphy, Julie, 1985- author.
Sisters in arms : a novel of the daring Black women who served during World War II
Alderson, Kaia, author.
Down range : a novel
Moore, Taylor, author.
Gone by morning : a novel
Miller, Michele W., author.
Mrs. Rochester's ghost : a thriller
Marcott, Lindsay, author.
Agatha of Little Neon
Luchette, Claire, 1991- author.
Closer to the heart
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
Dynasty of evil : a novel of the the old republic
Karpyshyn, Drew, author.
The Little House cookbook : frontier foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's classic stories
Walker, Barbara M. (Barbara Muhs), author.
Magic tree house survival guide
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
Clark and Division
Hirahara, Naomi, 1962- author.
When we were young
Goldis, Jaclyn, author.
I couldn't love you more : a novel
Freud, Esther, author.
Cul-de-sac : a novel
Fielding, Joy, author.
Men are frogs
DeWylde, Saranna, author.
Damnation spring : a novel
Davidson, Ash, author.
Cussler, Clive, author.
Harbour Street : a Vera Stanhope mystery
Cleeves, Ann, author.
One little sin
Carlyle, Liz, author.
Half life : a novel
Cantor, Jillian, author.
Black cherry blues
Burke, James Lee, 1936- author.
Where the truth lies
Bailey, Anna, 1995- author.
Miss Lattimore's letter
Allain, Suzanne, author.
The turnout : a novel
Abbott, Megan, 1971- author.
Anteaters, bats, & boas : the Amazon rainforest from the forest floor to the treetops
Munro, Roxie, author, illustrator.
Wild city : [meet the animals who share our city spaces]
Hoare, Ben, author.
The magic school bus : inside the human body
Cole, Joanna, author.
The new kid on the block : poems
Prelutsky, Jack, author.
Secrets of Navajo code talkers
Thomas, Rachael L., author.
The 9/11 terrorist attacks : a day that changed America
Maranville, Amy, author.
Light bulb
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner, author.
Houran, Lori Haskins, author.
Driscoll, Laura, author.
Who is Tom Brady?
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.
America's Black founders : revolutionary heroes and early leaders : with 21 activities
Sanders, Nancy I., author.
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates : the forgotten war that changed American history
Kilmeade, Brian, author.
The ghoul next door
Bunn, Cullen, author.
Bright family. 1
Cody, Matthew, author.
The accursed vampire
McGrane, Madeline, author, artist.
Big Apple diaries
Bermudez, Alyssa, author, artist.
Sacagawea : courageous trailblazer!
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963- author.
The blue fairy book
Stamped (for kids) : racism, antiracism, and you
Cherry-Paul, Sonja, author.
Treasure in the lake
Pamment, Jason, author, artist.
Goldilocks : wanted dead or alive
Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.
Tur, Miriam Bonastre, author, artist.
King, Thomas, 1943- author.
What the hex?!
Escabasse, Sophie, author, artist.
Friends forever
Hale, Shannon, author.
Autumn in the forest
Finch, Rusty, author.